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Badges and Usage

Badges were introduced to LaifuBot in March 2021. These are cosmetics that can be applied to your favorite cards to make them even more rare and stand out from other cards. Currently, the bot has more than 100 badges that are obtainable via events, gacha, and supporting the bot and making fanart of the server's mascot.

Complete badges list :

Ways of Obtaining Badges:

1. Events: Badges can be obtained via events and each has a different criteria as some badges will require you to grind, while other badges need to be claimed via a short message.

2. Gacha: One of the newest features of Laifubot is badge gacha. The chances of pulling a badge in gacha is rarer than zeta pity and inside that gacha there are 3 other rarities/tiers: Tier 1, Tier 2, and the rarest of the bunch, Tier 3.

3. Helping the Bot: This may include helping in the promotion of the bot, helping out in the support server, uploading images and swapping fanart regularly. In addition, one can get a badge if they draw Sayaka, all types of art accepted!

4. Casino: Some badges are exclusive to the casino. Do .casino for more info!

How to Use Badges

After getting a badge via the ways mentioned above it goes to your Reward Box (.rewardbox). Here, you can check out all the badges you own.
Rewardbox Contents.png

To Claim Badges:

1. First do .rewardbox to see the names of the badges you currently have.

2. Once you have a found a card to put it on, do: .claim-badge [badge name] [Unique ID]

3. Once the card pops up, type apply to confirm it. There is a 45 day time-limit that a badge can remain in your Reward Box before expiring and being wiped.

Burning of Badges:

Starting off with the main thing Badges shouldn't be burned! Be careful not to burn one by mistake as you do not get anything for burning a card with a badge.

Expiration of Badges:

All types of badges have a expiry date of 45 days. This means an unclaimed badge can remain in the Reward Box for a period of 45 days from acquiring it. After 45 days the badge will be removed from your inventory.

Expiration of Badges

Transferring Badges

You can swap or transfer badges through the use of The Workshop. Click here for more information on the Workshop and its features.