Laifubot Wiki

Full List of Commands:



.laifuprefix [newprefix] - This sets the bot's prefix for your server (default on new servers is l, so l.laifuprefix . makes the prefix . on a new server)

General Usage:

.profile - This allows you to view your profile information. This displays info such as: Total Character Numbers, Burn %, Level EXP, Arena Stats, etc.

.cds - This shows the player all of the command cooldowns.

.daily - A reactable message to deliver daily Lawstones. Cooldown is 23 Hours.

.vote - Displays a link to vote for the bot to reward the player with Lawstones. Cooldown is 12 Hours.

.drop - Shows a Drop code to type for Lawstone collection, 4 or 5 characters long, and lasts for 14 seconds. Gives 1-5 stones, a possibility of crit that gives double stones once one reaches a certain arena, and with over 50 nightmares, will consume 50 to give exp. to level up, and a chance of bloodlust, giving stats. Cooldown is 6 minutes.

.gacha - The Gacha command for rolling new characters using Lawstones, consumes up to 5 Lawstones, each rolling for a chance of 5 different rarities: Alpha, the most common from pity, Beta, 2nd most common, Gamma, the 3rd, Delta, the 4th, Epsilon, the 5th, Zeta, the 6th, and Ultra, the most rare. Zetas and Ultras are where cards start to get more expensive, especially high influence ones, but a high influence character is also very desirable, sometimes more so than a low influence high rarity.


.auction - Use this to view the current global auction.

.bid (1/25/50/200/1000k) - Use this to bid on the current global auction, using cash, with $1,000, $25,000, $50,000, $200,000, or $1,000,000 above the current highest bid, ex. .bid 200k


.fav [UniqueID] - This command is used to favorite a character to remove them from the burn list, or remove them from the favorites list, and adds 1 influence to the character.

.fav [UniqueID] emoji - This command is used to favorite a character with a specific default discord emoji.

Wishlist & Trades:

.wishlist - Use to view your current wishlist of wanted characters.

.wishlist -add [GlobalID] - This adds a specific character to your wishlist using their Global ID, and adds one influence to the character.

.wishlist -remove [GlobalID] - This removes a specific character from your wishlist using their Global ID.

.wishlist -user [UserID] or @User - Views the current characters you own that is on another user's wishlist.

.trade @user - Pings a user to begin a trade using their @user. The user pinged must say accept to initiate the trade. To add a card, do add [UniqueID] of the card, up to 5 cards per trade per side, and once done, each user must type accept (first accept brings up the final trade window for confirmation) for it to go through.

Inventory Management:

.list - This will show your entire list, starting with the latest 20 characters. Their are many filter options available such as -name, -series, -rarity, -fav, -old, -top, etc.

.view [UniqueID] - Shows a specific character from your inventory using the Unique ID.

.burn [UniqueID] - Shows a specific character from your inventory using the Unique ID to burn, giving you cash every burn, more the rarer the card is, and every 15 burns giving cash plus 5 Lawstones. The card will no longer be in your inventory, but can be rolled again.

.burn latest - Shows the latest rolled character from your inventory to burn.

.burn next - Shows the next character from your inventory (by UID, lowest to highest) to burn.


.arena - LaifuBot PvP matching command. Arena tickets required, gives card upgrade material for a loss, more for a win, with the rewards increasing as you progress the brackets. Win gives points to move to a higher bracket (person being attacked loses points), a loss, when defending or attacking, loses points. Higher brackets give perks!

Keyword Searching:

.clu -name [Keyword] - Search for a character using a specific name-keyword.

.clu -series [Keyword] - Search for a series using a specific series-keyword.

.slu [Keyword] - Search for a series and its SeriesID using a specific series-keyword.

.scompletion [SeriesID] - Finds the missing characters from a specific Series, sorting by oldest, ex. .scompletion 47 shows what series from Konosuba you still do not have in your inventory.

.info globalid - View information on a specific character using the Global ID.

.top - Shows the current Top 500 Characters list.

Card Upgrading:

.upgrade - Uses Upgrade Material to further customize character cards with enhancements.

.workshop - Edit cards like transferring upgrades.

.blu - Shows the entire list of all badges, or when used with a Badge ID, shows that specific badge's information.

.bcompletion - Shows the list of all badges the player does not own.

.rewardbox - View the badges and rewards you have earned or view the Guide for claiming rewards.


.resetskip - Resets your skip queue for burns.

.invite - Gives a link to invite the bot to a server.

.help - Gives links to the wiki and support server.

.help commands - Lists all the commands and brief explanations of them.

.donate - Gives a link to the donation page and descriptions of the different perks possible from donating.

.claim-scarlet [GlobalID] - Allows you to claim your monthly scarlet if you have Premium. Adding the GlobalID of a character that is not in the Top 500 after the command adds them to the pool of possible characters for that roll. Nothing happens if they are already in the Top 500.

LaifuBot Server-Specific Commands:

.scan [GlobalID] - Loads all the pictures of the specified character, 1-9. Only works in #image-spam!

.sendimg [GlobalID] - Sends an image for a certain character, if their slots are open. Check #guide in the main server for help! Only works in #send-images.

.sendgif [GlobalID] - Same as .sendimg, but for sending GIFs.

.missing - Shows the top 25 highest influence characters that are missing images.

.missingcredit - Shows the characters still missing credits, sorted by Global ID, lowest to highest.

.swap [GlobalID] [Image Number] - Sends an image or GIF to swap out for an existing one of a character, the slot and character denoted by the GlobalID and Image Number.