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Gacha Commands and Explanation


After reading the New Player Guide/Walkthrough there is still one of the most important commands of the game left to talk about, the gacha command. Your lootcrates/drops, dailies, and votes provide you with Lawstones (Rainbow Gem), which are used as a currency to gacha a card. Just like other gacha-style games, the bot uses the Lawstones to roll a character out of the existing database of characters already in the bot. The gacha command uses anywhere from 1 to 5 stones.

How Stones Used are Calculated:

- It is not a one time random number! You will roll each stone individually, with a percentage to hit any of the rarities. If they all fail, you will move onto stone 2 and repeat until you either:

1. Hit 5 fails or reach 0 stones and get a random card with a random rarity.

2. Hit a rarity before reaching 5 stones/zero stones and get that random card.

The command used for gacha is simple it's serverprefix gacha. For example, .gacha is the command used in the official Laifubot discord server [1]. Gacha provides you with a random card of a random rarity (Rarity system explained in Rarity). If you gacha with more than 5 stones in your inventory, you have a higher chance of rolling an Ultra rarity card.