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Influence Skins

Influence skins is a newly added feature to laifu which allows you to change the cosmetics of your card mainly the influence symbol

Ways of obtaining

1) Influence Skins require 300 White Flower.png which are obtained via voting. Each vote provides you with 5 white flowers through which you can buy different influence skins

2) The influence skins can be found via the upgrade menu using the .upgrade command which has the 3rd option as influence skins

Upgrade v2.gif

3) On clicking the 3rd Option another screen pops up which lets you select the skin you wanna buy


4) As mentioned you mention the unique id of the character you wanna apply the skin to and a conformation screen should appear as so


5) Clicking on 1 again will apply the influence skin to your selected card


Example of a fully upgraded and glitched card with influence skin