Laifubot Wiki

Laifu is a Discord gacha bot with a pretty awesome official server [1] ! Our server is full of enthusiastic members who will make your time there way better and can be amazing friends. There are different channels each for the bot, general talk, upload, swap, and vote of images of characters you like, and an always active support! You'll find a whole lot of interesting people from all corners of the world to help you, trade, talk, or make friends with!

A summary of our wholesome community:


○ An ordinary boy making sure his girlfriend, LaifuBot, is working hard 24/7 for all of our sakes. He is perpetually busy with maintaining the bot and coming up with new content for us all, so please refrain from disturbing him unless there's a critical issue. For most problems, DM any other staff online from the appropriate team.


○ Plays a hand in every staff role. They ban your alts, are able to decline images, update credits, and moderate the server to make sure everyone is following the rules properly.

Logs Team

○ Exists to ban cheating alts. They are also around to moderate the server and make sure everyone is following the rules properly. Any questions you may have or support you may require regarding your account status should be directed towards them. If you see them around too much, make sure to send them back to the logs dungeon, where we keep them captive.

Image Team

○ Exists to decline images that do not follow our guidelines properly. They are also around to update too many credits to count and scope out your image swaps.

Design Team

○ Some members of the Image Team, called the Design Team, are hard at work creating badges that you can stick to your cards, beautifying them further!

Anime Team

○ The anime team exists to add and update series that get requested. They work hard to make sure that your waifus, husbandos and other beloved life forms get added to the bot.


○ Exist to look after the discord server and answer support questions, they do not do any LaifuBot related work.

Most importantly, the community members!

○ They are the ones who keep the community fun and alive and give Law a purpose to run this bot so that we all can have fun.

That's all to the server other than the numerous giveaways with premiums, specials, and more! There are also events, including seasonal, battle royale, and others, with free badges and upgrade materials just for joining! Whenever you want to join us on Discord use the link [2] and have fun!!!