Laifubot Wiki


Each character within Laifubot can have up to a total of 9 images / GIFs. When characters are first added, they usually do not have all 9 pictures, so more pictures must be added until there are 9.

All submitted images / GIFs must be official artwork, fan art can no longer be submitted and is being replaced by official art. All submissions must take place within the official Laifubot discord.

First - Checking Some Details

It is good to avoid duplicate images, so check for this by navigating to the channel #image-spam, under the category "SEND YOUR IMAGES" (this category also contains every other channel you need for this process).

Send img channels.png

Within the #image-spam channel, use the .SCAN GLOBALID Command to retrieve all images / GIFs of that character. Now you know which images have already been sent so that you don't send in a duplicate.

After looking through the current pictures, the next step is to check to make sure that any artwork you are thinking of submitting is official. Find the correct credits for the image, and keep them handy for when you must submit them later. If an image is submitted without credits, it will not be accepted.

How to Find Missing Credits

There are quite a lot of images in the bot that are still missing credits, this is because credits was a feature that was added in January 2021 and wasn't there in the beginning.

1) First start by getting the link to the image you wish to find the credits for.

2) Now you have the link to the image open or Google reverse search and place the URL into the bar and search - this is used to find the full img as saucenao usually doesnt give accurate results without the full img.

3) Once putting the link into yandex or tineye, theres a chance the img will be below with a site link such as MyAnimeList or zerochan however sometimes you will have to do a bit of scrolling to find the full img.

4) Now that you have the full image, sometimes its a manga cover or something with a copyright / artist signature which can help identify if its official or fanart othertimes check zerochan (search character name + official) or saucenao - - if you still dont get any results google reverse search can help find a source.

5) now you have the source for ur img wether official or fanart (if fanart u can swap it) and if official u can send the credits to #credit-updates to be fixed - Zerochan Reverse Search

Cropping your Image / GIF


Download the image and crop it using a tool of your choice. The best recommendation for PC is since you can set the desired size of 225 x 350 pixels easily (make sure that the image has these dimensions), and the image won't get distorted/squished. This is simply a website, and as such requires no download / software.


A video guide has been prepared to help users create, crop, and send GIFs. Check this out to get an idea of how users create GIFs.

Already have a GIF selected? Follow these steps to add a border.
Go to
Upload the GIF.
Select the Overlay option once the GIF is uploaded, and then upload the border.png found near the bottom of the #guide channel.

Submit your Image / GIF

Navigate to the #send-images channel. Take a look at how other users have done image submissions to get an idea of what information you will need to have handy. It is also worth looking through #log-files to get an idea of why images might be declined before submitting your own.

Use the command .SENDIMG GLOBALID for images, and .SENDGIF GLOBALID for GIFs. Follow through all of the given prompts (these time out if you take too long, which is why you should have relevant information ready).

The Prompts

1. UPLOAD YOUR IMAGE (or GIF, depending on command)

2. ENTER YOUR CREDIT (Examples: Anime / Manga / Official Art)

3. ENTER A LINK TO YOUR CREDIT (If it's an anime screenshot, just type Anime Screenshot. Everything else requires links)

4. Confirm the submission by reacting to the green checkmark emoji that appears (review the information first!)

After this you should be done. Simply wait to see if the image will be accepted or declined in #log-files!