Laifubot Wiki

Rarity is a metric used to show the value of a character. It will appear on each card with one of the ten rarities below.

Alpha.gif - Alpha [α]

Card Rarities shown on a cards information collection.

The lowest and most common rarity of the bot.

Beta.gif - Beta [β]

The second lowest and less common than Alpha.

Gamma.gif - Gamma [γ]

The third tier of rarity less common than Beta.

Delta.gif - Delta [δ]

The fourth tier of rarity less common than Gamma.

Epsilon.gif - Epsilon [ε]

The fifth tier of rarity less common than Delta.

Zeta.gif - Zeta [ζ]

This rarity is the second-highest rarity that is able to be rolled via the gacha command. The chance of rolling can be increased slightly via Arena bracket bonus rewards. This is known as Pity Zeta chance.

Ultra.gif - Ultra [ζ𝓡]

This rarity is the highest rarity that can be attained via the gacha command. These are exponentially harder to obtain due to the low roll chance, however the chance can also be increased slightly by rolling 5 stones instead of 4 or less. This is known as Ultra Rate+.

Scarlet.gif - Scarlet [†]

These Cards can be received via the donation link for the server where you can purchase multiple bonus perks towards the bot if you decide to support.

The following link is for the donation website:

Selecting the 30 Days Premium option is where you can purchase the Scarlet. The limit is that you can only claim it once a month using the claim-scarlet command.

Scarlets can only be Top 500 cards.

Event.gif - Event [ξν]

Cards of this rarity can only be rewarded via LaifuBot Server Events. Event Cards are the final tradeable rarity in the bot.

Special.gif - Special [Λ]

Cards of this rarity are only given by 9𝔱𝔥Law † as a thank you to those who have helped the bot progress, or may be a 1-time purchase via Special Laifu Events. The limit to Special cards outside of gifted cards is 1 per account per event.