Laifubot Wiki

Discord Server Specific

Be respectful and helpful to one another!

⠀○ Personal abuse, harassment, or discriminatory remarks of any nature are not allowed.

No discriminatory content of any kind in any form!

⠀○ No Racism, Sexism, Religion, Politics, etc.


⠀○ Refrain from discussing sexual topics or any media that is NSFW.

No spamming.

⠀○ Unnecessary pinging of others, server roles, or the server's Discord staff members.

⠀○ This also includes the #spam-channel

Follow the channel topic.

⠀○ Each channel is designed with a purpose to keep things organized.

Please remember to check pins for channels as there may be specific channel rules that need to be followed.


Laifubot Specific

Do not use multiple accounts to benefit one main account.

⠀○ Creating multiple accounts is not allowed, nor is it permitted to use your friends and gain advantages through their accounts.

Do not mass gift.

⠀○ It is perfectly fine to give and receive things. However, if you are constantly giving and we suspect that you may have questionable intentions, we may treat it as if you were acting as a multiple account. We have very detailed logs to calculate trends of accounts to see exactly how they are trading.

⠀○ Burning cards you don't like is a way to gain currency to buy the cards you like from the auction.

Taking a break from Laifubot? Do not mass gift or move your inventory.

○ While you are free to leave parting gifts to your friends, moving large quantities of cards, giving your entire top list to others or announcing free giveaways will cause you to fall under the rule of using multiple accounts. If you receive a ban for breaking this rule, it WILL NOT be removed. The world doesn't need to know you're leaving. Do not abuse the freedom this rule gives. it's very delicate.

Do not cross-trade between bots.

⠀○ You are not allowed to trade Laifu cards for stuff from other bots and vice versa. Our system will show logs of any suspicious trades happening. We are not going to deal with loopholes outside of Laifubot.

Usage of macros and bots

⠀○ Any form of non human control.

Breaking any of these rules will result in a permanent ban.

⠀○ If you believe you were wrongly banned, you will need to appeal with a staff member.

These rules are in place to keep fairness and competition in its proper place. While at times a legit player may have good intentions when crossing this line, there are unfortunately a few others who are purposefully breaking rules. As a result, every player is under the same rules.