Laifubot Wiki


Upgrades are used to improve the quality of a card aesthetically, represented by a border underneath the card's name. Influence Skins can also be applied for unique combinations.

Upgrades do not improve the influence or rarity of the card, only its appearance.

Upgrades require their own unique currencies which are obtained through various gameplay and events.

💠 Is obtained primarily through the Arena and events.

💮 Is obtained primarily through voting for Laifubot, or purchasing from the Store.

How to Upgrade

To begin upgrading, simply type in the command ".upgrade". Different servers with different prefixes set with Laifubot would use their own prefix.

Upgrade prompt

An upgrade prompt will appear asking the user to choose an option:

  • Option 1 is the Star Enhance, which users can upgrade the aesthetics of their card. Each star provides a new border.
  • Option 2 is Glitching, a feature that further enhances your cards after the maximum star enhancement (+3)
  • Option 3 is Influence Skin customisation, a feature that lets you buy and apply unique skins to cards customising its Influence design.

Under Currencies is the amount of blue diamonds and White Flowers the user currently holds during their current session.

Under Failstacks is the total amount of failed attempts to upgrade a card, represented by number of orbs. A card is more likely to be upgraded the more failstacks the user has. Upon a successful upgrade, ALL failstacks are removed. Failstacks only apply to upgrading cards from +1 to +3.

OPTION 1: Star Enhance

Second upgrade prompt

After responding to the first prompt with option 1 (typing "1"), the user is taken to a second prompt which asks the user for the unique id (UID) of the card they would like to upgrade. The UID can be found using other commands such as ".list -name" or ".list -series"

A demo is provided for the user's convenience so they know what to expect when upgrading a card.

Upgrading Levi

Entering a UID will bring the user to a third and final prompt.

The prompt shows:

  • The UID, and the card associated with it. In this case, Levi Ackerman from AoT is being upgraded.
  • In addition, the current influence and upgrade level are also displayed.

Cost is displayed as the amount of blue diamonds a user will spend to upgrade their card.

  • A single rolls an upgrade 1x
  • A multi rolls an upgrade 10x

Each rarity has a different requirement on how many blue diamonds are needed to upgrade.

Cost to upgrade
Rarity Single Multi
α - δ 25 250
ε 50 500
ζ 100 1000
ζ𝓡 150 1500
150 1500
ξν 150 1500
Λ 100 1000

OPTION 2: Glitching

Once a card has reached +3 on Star Enhance, it can be Glitched. For information regarding glitching, click here.

OPTION 3: Influence Skins

Once you have 300 White Flower.png you can use them to buy influence skins for your cards. For more information on influence skins , click here